Famous Malacologists

This list has been put together to provide a link to past workers in the fields of Conchology and Malacology. One cannot hope to understand the present or predict to future without first looking at the past. Having a better understanding of WHO and WHAT went before will shape where we are going.

To that end I (with the help of numerous colleagues, especially Riccardo Giannuzzi-Savelli of the Società Italiana di Malacologia, who provided many of the photos included in the biographical accounts) have compiled a “rogue’s gallery” of past scientists in the fields of conchology and malacology, giving basic biographic / bibliographic information on each. Since my research interests lie in the area of freshwater mollusca, there is a predicted bias in that area. However, I would like to expand this list in the future and welcome additions, corrections, criticisms, etc.

I should state that most of the information in the accounts below was gleaned from the enormously useful publications of R.T. Abbott & M.E. Young, W.H. Dall, and R.I. Johnson.

Kevin S. Cummings, Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign, Illinois, June 1999. (updated 31 March 2003)