César-Marie-Felix Ancey

César-Marie-Felix Ancey
César-Marie-Felix Ancey

15 November 1860 – 10 October 1906

Born: Marseilles, France.

Died: Mascara [= Mouaskar], Algeria.

Education: Law Degree, Marsailles, France – 1885.

Occupation: Entered government administarion in Algeria after law school. Married in 1889, appointed deputy administrator and filled successive positions at Fort national, Boghari and Dra-el Mizan. After thirteen years he was promoted to acting administrator at Mascara.

Collection Deposition: Collection dispersed by the dealer Geret. Types mostly in colls Dautzenberg and Tomlin (q. v.) (now in National Museum of Wales (NMWZ) in Cardif); others in Paris Mus. (MNHN), Tervuren Museum, Belgium, Bishop Mus. (BPBM), and British Musseum (BMNH). Also a few in the collection of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Research Interests: Varied; small landsnails.

Data from: Anon. 1908. C.F. Ancey. Nautilus 22(1):11-12 + 1 plate.

Other data sources: Anon. 1907. The Ancey Collection of Shells. Nautilus 21(5):59-60.

Published 140 papers on mollusks, mainly on the fauna of Hawaii, Central Africa, Polynesia, and Central Asia.

Partial Biliography

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