Charles Atwood Kofoid

11 October 1865 – 30 May 1947


Born: Granville, Putnam County, Illinois.

Died: Berkely, California.

Occupation: Marine Biologist. Oceanographer. Editor. Instructor, Vertebrate Morphology, University of Michigan, 1894-1895. Superintendant, Biological Station, University of Illinois, 1895-1900. Illinois Natural History Survey, 1898-1900. Zoologist, University of California, 1900-1936. Acting Director, San Diego Biological Station, 1905-1906. Assitant Dorector, Scripps Institute, 1900-1924.

Education: A.B., Oberlin College, 1890; A.M., Harvard, 1892; Ph.D., Harvard, 1894; Sc.D., Oberlin College, 1915; LL.D., University of California, 1937.

Societies / Service: Associate Editor, American Naturalist, 1897-1908. Editor, University of California, Publications in Zoology, 1909-1936. Associate Editor, Journal of Morphology, 1920-1924. Fellow, Natural Academy of Science.

Travels: Naturalist aboard U.S.S. Albatross to California, 1904; west Mexico, 1904-1905.

Collection Deposition: ??

Research Interests: Varied.


Data from: Abbott, R.T., and M.E. Young (eds.). 1973. American Malacologists: A national register of professional and amateur malacologists and private shell collectors and biographies of early American mollusk workers born between 1618 and 1900. American Malacologists, Falls Church, Virginia. Consolidated/Drake Press, Philadelphia. 494 pp.

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