Charles Baker Adams

Charles Baker Adams
Charles Baker Adams

11 January 1814-18 January 1853

Born: Dorchester, Massachusetts

Died: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands of malaria (according to Dall, 1888) or yellow fever (according to Abbott & Young, 1973).

Occupation: Teacher, Geologist, Conchologist. Lecturer on Geology, Bradford Academy, 1835. Professor of Chemistry and Natural History, Middlebury College, Vermont, 1838-1847. Head, Geological Survey of Vermont, 1845-1847. Professor of Zoology, Amherst College, 1847.

Education: Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts, 1829. Yale University, 1830-1832. Amherst College, Massachusetts, 1834, B.S. with high honors. Shortly after graduation he entered the Theological Seminary at Andover, but left in 1836 to join Prof. Hitchcock at the Geological Survey of New York.

Research Interests: Freshwater, land and marine shells. West Indies and Panama.

Travels: Jamaica, 1843-33, 1848-49, 1851; Panama, 1850; St. Thomas via Bermuda, 1852.

Remarks: According to Dall, “Under his unremitting labors as a popular teacher in the college and his geological work in the field his naturally delicate constitution suffered, and he was obliged to seek a less rigorous climate.”

His collection, which was according to Dall “now standing third or fourth in the United States in point of interest and value, and its contained number of types” was left to Amherst College and was later transferred to ???????

Married Mary Holmes of New Bedford, Massachusetts, February 1839.

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