Increase Allen Lapham

7 March 1811 – 14 September 1875.

Born: Palmyra, New York.

Died: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

Occupation: Naturalist. Conchologist. Engineer of rthe Ohio Canal, 1829-1833. Founder, Milwaukee-Downer College. State Geologist, Wisconsin, 1873-1875.


Societies / Service: Charter Member, Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters.

Travels: ??

Collection Deposition: ??

Research Interests:


Data from: Abbott, R.T., and M.E. Young (eds.). 1973. American Malacologists: A national register of professional and amateur malacologists and private shell collectors and biographies of early American mollusk workers born between 1618 and 1900. American Malacologists, Falls Church, Virginia. Consolidated/Drake Press, Philadelphia. 494 pp.

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