Swainson, 1840 – Australia

Hyridella menziesi (Dunker, 1862)

FMNH 120426. Green Lake, Roturaa, New Zealand.

Type Species: Unio australis Lamarck, 1819 [=Hyridella australis (Lamarck, 1819)] (by monotypy).

Original Citation: Swainson, W.A. 1840. A treatise on Malacology: or the natural classification of shells and shell-fish. London. 419 pp.

Remarks: McMichael (1955) discussed both the validity of the genus Hyridella Swainson and the identity of its type species, Unio australis Lamarck.

Generic SynonymsLeoivirgus Haas, 1912; Nesonaia Haas, 1912; Propehyridella Cotton & Gabriel, 1932; Protohyridella Cotton & Gabriel, 1932; HyridunioIredale, 1934; Rugoshyria Iredale, 1934 (McMichael & Hiscock, 1958:436-437).