Lortiella froggatti

Iredale, 1934 – Australia

Lortiella froggatti Iredale, 1934
INHS 16213. Fitzroy River, SW Kimberley, Western Australia.

Type Species: Mycetopus rugatus Sowerby, 1868 [=Lortiella rugata (Sowerby, 1868)] (by original designation).

Original Citation: Iredale, T. 1934. The freshwater mussels of Australia. Australian Zoologist 8:57-78.

Remarks: Although the type species was not designated in a formal manner McMichael & Hiscock (1958:432) pointed out that there was no doubt as to Iredale’s (1934) designation of Mycetopus rugatus Sowerby, 1868 as the type species.