Edward Sylvester Morse

Edward Sylvester Morse
Edward Sylvester Morse, 1863. Photo courtesy of the MCZ

18 June 1838 – 20 December 1925

Born: Portland, Maine.

Died: Salem, Massachusetts.

Occupation: Draftsman, Artist, Zoologist, Malacologist. Curator, Portland Society of Natural History, 1861-1866. Director, Peabody Academy of Science, Salem, Massachusetts, 1880-1914.

Education: Bridgeton Academy, Maine. Student Assistant, MCZ, Harvard, 1859-1861. Honorary Ph.D. Bowdoin College, 1871.

Societies / Service: Co-founder, American Naturalist, 1866. President, AAAS, 1886.

Travels: Japan, 1877-1878. England, 1887. Europe, 1888.

Collection Deposition: MCZ, Harvard.

Research Interests:


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Other References: Martin, S.M. 1995. Maine’s remarkable Edward Sylvester Morse: quintessential naturalist. Maine Naturalist 3(2):81-102.

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